Matt Butts is our Student minister and joined the staff in April 2019. He works closely with the youth committee, youth ministry team and with Christian clubs at the schools.

The Student Ministry at Gloster serves students from grade 6 through their senior year of high school as they transtion to the next stage of their lives. We aim to provide hope, help, and Christ-like kindness. 

We connect with students through events, our Midweek service, and our Sunday mornings together as well as pop-up events in and around Desoto Parish.

The student ministry leadership team consists of the church staff, with the student minister serving as the primary leader, the student ministry committee team, parents and guardians of our students, and several mature students within our group. We know that life isn't meant to be lived alone, but it can be really difficult to find a people that care. 

The love of Christ compels us to care for those who are hurting, those who have been hurt, and those who don't realize they're in pain. 

Please check out our schedule and events in this page, and be on the lookout as we continue to post content to our facebook as well as the other streams of communication we use. 

To plan your visit or for more information, e-mail Matt at, or call the church offices at the number given on this site.